Our Services

We serve patients of all ages and in all phases of life and we understand the health challenges that those different phases can present!  Our well rounded team of physicians and staff are dedicated to providing you with all the services you expect from your primary care physician and then some!  We provide copmprehensive preventive care as well as chronic disease management and follow up care. We also have appointments available every day to address your acute illnesses in a timely manner.  In addition, our experienced team of physicians performs minor surgeries, wound care and repair, mole and wart removal, minor fracture care, colposcopies, electrocardiograms and other primary care services as needed.

To make an appointment, please call 303-690-4891 and our automated attendant will direct you to one of our scheduling specialists.  For more details about making appointments, please click on the Appointments link at the top left of this page.

Prescription Refills

Please contact your pharmacy for any prescription refills prior to requesting a refill from our office.  Your pharmacy will often have approval for multiple refills.  If, after calling your pharmacy, you need to request a refill with our office, please call 303-690-4891 and follow the prompts to speak with one of our staff.  Our staff member will generate a refill request that your doctor will address within 24 hours.
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