John Draper, M.D.

Dr. Draper grew up in Rolla, Missouri and he spent all of his college and medical school days in Missouri.  He attended the University of Missouri-Rolla for his undergarduate degree and then moved on to medical school at the University of Missouri-Colombia.  All of this time in Missouri turned him into a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan before he moved to Parker, CO in 1989.  Dr. Draper joined our practice in August of 1989 and has been a cornerstone of our practice ever since.  Dr. Draper's passion for medicine, clinical experience and easy-going personality help him relate to patients in all phases of life and he has very loyal patient following for this reason.  

Dr. Draper has been married for over 30 years to his college sweetheart and has 3 adult children.  His family keeps him busy but he also enjoys reading, camping and just enjoying the outdoors of Colorado.

Medical School:University of Missouri 1987
Residency:University of Missouri 1990
Board-certified:American Board of Family Practice 2008
Accepting New Patients?No

4.94 out of 5 based on 26 ratings and
26 user reviews

Patient Reviews

I have known dr. draper since he came to ponderosa family physicians. even though I am not the best at going to the dr regularly ,I know that when I go I will be treated honestly ,professionally and like I am an old friend.
- Tim C

Several years ago, my wife Yong White, was a patient of Dr Drapers. She was struggling to understand the seriousness of her diabetes. Dr Draper was able, unlike some before him, to get her educated and awakened to her need for changing her eating habits. He remains a hero in our family's history.
- Dennis W

I’ve not had a Primary doctor since I left the area about 15 years ago because no one is a Dr Draper. I hope to rejoin this practice as a patient very soon because I really need them in my life right now and in the future.
- Janice T

Dr. Draper is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and keeps current with new medical trends. He always has a warm handshake and smile and a relaxed manner that makes us feel we have his undivided attention to our concerns and questions. Love his sense of humor. Definitely recommend!
- Dee A

Dr. Draper has been our family physician since 1995 when we first moved to Colorado. He continues to be a very caring and listening doctor. As our family grows he not only continues to take care of my husband and I, but, my son and his family as well. I have recommended Dr. Draper to many friends who have also been very pleased with his service. I wish more doctors could be like him!
- Mary K

I have been going to Ponderosa Family physicians for twenty years. For the many years Dr. Draper has been my primary care physician, he has been exceptional. He is a thorough and thoughtful professional, in addition to being a genuinely nice guy.
- Bryan C

Dr. Draper is a caring, highly knowledgeable and superior physician with the best patient rapport I have ever experienced. When he discusses your health, you know you have the whole of his attention and will receive his best advice. I am heartbroken that I have had to go to another doctor because of my employer's health options. If you are lucky enough to have Ponderosa Family Physicians as an option for your health care, you should seek out Dr. Draper. He's the best.
- Thomas F

Dr. Draper was recommended to me by a co-worker. It was the one of the best referral that I have gotten. I find Dr. Draper to be very professional and polite. He has a very engaging personality. I am not sure if Family Medicine chose him or he chose it, but it is where he belongs. With our fast paced lives, it is refreshing to have someone stop, listen and be genuinely concerned. Appreciate you
- VaL S

Dr.Draper doesn't stop. He listens to your concerns and works with you to find the answers to your health concerns. He doesn't give up. He's an awesome provider!

Dr. John Draper is a cut above the rest, and I'm not referring to his famous flat top! He proves he cares through his actions; listening, explaining the what's and why's, and doing everything in his power to uphold his commitment to help you achieve and maintain your physical and mental health. He truly cares. There's not too many people I trust wholeheartedly...he is second on my list, right after Jesus! Thanks Dr. Draper for all you do!
- La V

Draper is a fantastic doctor. You don't find that too often. Knowlegable and personable wrapped into one. Our family has been lucky enough to have him as our physician for more than 12 years now.
- Hildebrand

Dr Draper has been my doctor for about eight years. He takes time to listen as well as takes time to explain. He is excellent in his profession. He is the Best doctor.
- Shantaram

Our family has been seeing John for over 16 years. Best Dr. we have ever dealt with. A very personable and positive individual who is extremely knowledgeable and kind. John never makes you feel as if you are just another patient and always gives the necessary time and attention to you as an individual. Just a great guy and more importantly an excellent Dr.
- Graeme W

Been seeing Dr. Draper since 1996. Always the same, personable, listens, offers advice, and is NEVER in a hurry to rush you out the door. Always very helpful!
- Dan A

What can I say, I adore this guy. I have been going to him since 1994, and do not want to think about the day he retires :). He delivered my 20 year old daughter, who now sees him as an adult :). Cheers to a gift from Heaven!
- JoAnn G

Dr. Draper is personal, kind, helpful and just over all one of the best doctors I have had. He is just a wonderful doctor!

He has been my doctor for six years. He is the Best Doctor I ever had. He listenes to me & explains very thoroughly all options and solutions. He is a tremendous Blessing to me.
- Geraldine

Dr. Draper has been my treating physician since 1993 when I moved to Colorado. He takes his time. He explains everything, and most of all he LISTENS. I have recommended family and friends and all have been very grateful.
- Lenna E

I've known Dr. Draper since 1997 and I absolutely consider him the best at his profession. He has helped me deal with so many surgeries, Fibromyalgia and many other issues and no matter what the problem he has stuck by my side every step of the way. I will never be able to thank him enough for all his help. He's the best.
- Lisa C

I've been a patient of Ponderosa Family Physicians since before Dr. Draper started there. I was lucky enough to have him see me and have continued to see him. Professional, knowledgeable, compassionate. All you could ask from a Doctor.
- Jon B

Everything you could ask for in a doctor. Good listener, takes my views into consideration and just a great all around guy. One of the few people I listen to!
- Terry Z

As a person who has many residual issues from a 21 year military career (including gunshot wound, lower back issues, and injuries from explosive devices), I can say that Doctor Draper has been phenomenal in the care that he has provided for me. He is always looking at new techniques in treatment and provides choices for me to make that are the best decision for my need. Not only is he my physician, I also consider him a family friend. A true positive testament to his profession.
- James W

My favorite Dr. Draper quote...when looking into pain I was having in my leg, realized it was not a usual fracture and said, "Sometimes when you hear the beat of hooves, it turns out to be zebras. This fracture is definitely one of those." Dr. Draper looks for the horses first but what makes him a great doctor is he never forgets about the zebras!
- Ken N

He is so awesome! I worked for him and he has treated my kids. He is an amazing doctor. He spends his time working on your problem and goes above and beyond to make you feel like an individual.
- Erika R

He is just a WONDERFUL doctor. He is personal, kind, helpful and just over all one of the best doctors I have seen.
- Cassandra F

Good straight forward Doctor. He is polite, professional, yet direct. You sit down, tell him what is going on and he gives you options and solutions. Not many out there anymore like him. Definately recommend.
- Joe B

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